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"Zac, SRO and The Fifty"
--- Wednesday, 20 August, '98

Zac Lasher is the new voice of Emerson Radio's Saturday morning show-music program STANDING ROOM ONLY, 10 am to 4 pm every week over WERS fm.

He asked listeners to send him lists of their favorite show songs, and then reduced the many entrants into a play-list of one hundred --- and he played them all in one four-hour marathon.

And here's that list:

50. You're the Top
49. Children Will Listen
48. Rose's Turn
47. You're The Top
46. Not While I'm Around
45. Everything's Comming Up Roses
44. Some Enchanted Evening
43. Love Changes Everything
42. One Day More
41. Comedy Tonight
40. Time Heals Everything
39. Someone to Watch Over Me
38. Somewhere
37. Gee, Officer Krupkie
36. Ladies Who Lunch
35. Dulcinea
34. On My Own
33. Unexpected Song
32. You Can Always Count on Me
31. Tell Me On A Sunday
30. One Hand, One Heart
29. No One is Alone
28. I Could Have Danced All Night
27. Music of the Night
26. Tonight/Tonight
25. Make Our Garden Grow
24. Bosom Buddies
23. Impossible Dream
22. Losing My Mind
21. What Would I Do?
20. If I Loved You
19. Meadowlark
18. Seasons of Love
17. Maria
16. Not a Day Goes By
15. Soliloquy
14. Send In The Clowns
13. Bring Him Home
12. Memory
11. Corner of the Sky
10. Don't Cry For Me Argentina
9. I Dreamed a Dream
8. Ol' Man River
7. Lilly's Eyes
6. What I Did For Love
5. And I'm Telling You (I'm Not Going)
4. All That Jazz
3. I Am What I Am
2. Being Alive
1. A Little Priest

My personal radios (a clock-radio by the bed, and another battery-set in the bathrom) are permanently nailed to 90.9 WBURfm --- except for four hours every Saturday.
The SRO program is part call-in requests, part innovative programming by the host and the sidekick. Emerson Radio is an independent non-profit student-run operation, and has been passed on through a long list of imaginative and enthusiastic "kids" over the years. Their enormous archives of 78 and 33 vinyl records and cd's are unmatched in their coverage of the vast history of the American musical (even though they still haven't found a copy of ARCHIE & MEHITABEL from which to play the "Theater Cat" cut for me). The audience for the show is loyal, aware, and entertained and informed every single week.

Give them a try, and when you call, tell them The Theater Mirror sent you.


THE THEATER MIRROR, New England's LIVE Theater Guide