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Sunday, 4 February, 2001: "Thank You All!!!!!!!"

Now My MEMORY Has Been FIXED!!!!!!!
The Theater Mirror capacity now reads:
Used Space: 886 MB
Free Space: 1.137 GB
Capacity: 1.99 GB
Thanks to EVERYone who rushed to our aid. I Love You All,
( a k a larry stark )

Some of you have called or e-mailed offering to give The Mirror more memory in the form of new hard-drives or memory-cards. People offered to BUY The Mirror new hardware. Some of you even sent money. And part of the mix here is that the "audience" The Mirror serves is a vast army of interested individuals all of whom have a one-to-one personal relationship with The Theater Mirror, all reacting in real-time whenever they heard of my predicament. I have been overwhelmed with generosities of every sort --- at a point when I had to ask someone else for help responding, and when the shrinking memory kept asking me to toss archived e-mail overboard in order to keep my head above water.

I would try to thank everyone publicly, but I know if I try I'll leave someone out --- and all of your offers were, are still precious to me. Lee VanderLaan sorted through all the many offers of help, and decided to accept one for a new hard-drive measuring its capacity in "Gigs" instead of "Megs" --- a monster-machine about the size of two packs of playing-cards that more than doubled capacity and (he assures me) guarantees another year at least of operation before we outgrow even that.

And it's installed!
I watched him twist home the phillips-head screws that held it in place, make a half dozen passes with the keypad, and everything was fine again!

The new "Maxtor" hard-drive was mailed here by Mark Vincent --- a name to be spoken with reverence by anyone who loves The Mirror! For nearly a week now, it's been him you've had to thank every time you looked into The Mirror. But Everyone who rushed to give assistance is, in a sense, equally important. Thank you all.....

But that's not all:
A couple of months ago one Matt Breton e-mailed me offering to update the listings of Plays Up And Running, Coming Attractions, and Openings --- the most neglected and most time-consuming of all The Mirror's activities. I couldn't believe it, and cautioned him about the thankless drudgery and enslavement to weekly and monthly necessity involved, but he not only persisted, he's Done The Work!

So, The Theater Mirror's new LISTINGS CZAR is Matt Breton! Everybody give him a big hand!!!!!

Matt is an undergraduate at U-Mass Boston, he's only recently thrown himself into theater, he's producing and directing out on the college's campus, and I can't for the life of me understand how he finds the time and energy to get it all done. But, after a year or more of failure on my part to keep those pages in The Mirror up to date and useful, they are that once again, and you all have Matt to thank for it.

Thank you Matt; thank you Mark; thank you Lee --- Thank you Everyone!

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