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That Was The YEAR That Was

"Subject: 2002 in review"


Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2003 15:06:25 EST

Time is taking its toll, so I don't travel as much as in recent years. Most of my theater going is south of Boston, with a couple of exceptions.

I go to Providence Performing Arts Center [ PPAC ], to see the same shows that hit Boston, but at a reduced price. The shows that grabbed me at PPAC were Aida, Elton Johns music, Mamma Mia and The Music Man. The ones that left me cold were, West Side Story, Annie Get Your Gun, and Kiss Me Kate. If it weren't for Rachel York, KMK would have been a complete disaster.

A Year Without "Standouts"

by Larry Stark

In 2002, The Theater Mirror began its eighth year, I myself began my seventy-first, and Leigh & Tom Berry's son began the first year of his entire life.

An historic year, wouldn't you say?

Since this is IRNE-Nomination time, I've been glancing back through the past year looking for "Bests" --- i.e., for work of stand-out excellence in any of a couple dozen categories. Technically, if you eliminate parties and other social or instructive events I saw only 124 productions last year, and when I romped gaily through looking for what was outstanding, my first reaction was disappointment: so little actually did stand out.
But taking this second look at the 58 shows that were filed under "Memorable" I see the problem: these shows were so satisfying, and the work on them by everyone so good that NOTHING STANDS OUT. That's a positive, not a negative judgement...


by Carl A. Rossi

Happy New Year!
These are my choices for the Best of Boston Theatre for 2002. Much of what Iíve seen this past year has been off the beaten track, so while there are few Big Shows on my list, there were still many riches to be discovered and enjoyed.
Those passages in quotes come from my own reviews to be found in this web site.
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a quick look back

by Tony Annicone

Larry wants me to take a quick look back at my 61 reviews of 2002 to give a retrospective of the entire year.
So I choose "Jekyll & Hyde" at Theatre by the Sea as the best show of this year. All the elements of a well scripted and well rehearsed show came through in a most outstanding way.

Shows I'm Glad I saw since last January

by Will Stackman

Despite the general downturn, there was a lot to see this year. Here's a alphabetical rundown of shows I'm really glad I saw this year, whittled down to eighteen or so from almost one hundred.

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