Cricket's Notebook Tuesday, 16 November, 2004 2:19 a m: "Talk With Me!"

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"Tuesday", 16 November, 2004 2:39 a m:
"Talk With Me!!!"

Next Sunday, after the matinee of SCOTLAND ROAD, I'm going to try a "Talk WITH..." at the Hovey Players out in Waltham.

Why Sunday? Why not opening night?

Well, the Hovey TD-in-Residence and I rather craftily decided that we'd take the Usually LEAST ATTENDED day in the run, and advertise my presence as a moving-target --- thinking the opportunity to take a shot at a critic might make some people decide to see what is an obscure play. (Though a good one; saw it at The New Rep some years back... )
Object: to put more asses on their seats.

Now, I don't know that YOUR Theatre ever HAS a night of the week that might be expected to have a small house; I don't at all know if your offering them a chance to talk to me would make any difference and even if both were true, I have no idea whether you'd like to try it. Since I have no car, I can be a, what's the phrase "High Maintenence" guest!

And, understand, I'm not suggesting a "Talk BACK" ---
Unless they might want to, no director, none of the cast or crew or any of the designers need stick around with me instead of peeling out to make last-call at The Local.
I'd probably talk WITH them if they infiltrated the audience (I still learn a lot that way), but my main interest is in dialogue with the playGOERS, not necessarily play-Makers.

Fact is, I want to be famous.

When I worked at BOSTON AFTER DARK, people who picked up that "entertainment paper" for news of rock, folk-music, classical music, movies or art had the opportunity to read whatever I said about theater.
Carolyn Clay's by-line is available to anyone picking up THE PHOENIX, for whatever reason (Usually to use The Listings!)
The sports-people who read the HERALD from back-to-front can also find Terry Byrne's columns.
Political-junkies checking on news in The GLOBE get Ed Sieigel's dicta along with.
And Bill Marx has the ear of everyone who really tunes in to hear HERE&NOW.

But the three or four hundred people who peep into The Theater Mirror every day have nothing else on their minds but theater.
And I suspect that all of them are Theater-MAKERS in their spare time, not "civilians" who Just LOVE Theater.

Now, that's to my advantage --- but, unless they send me an e-mail, a quick-take, or a review, very few of them get a chance to complain, disagree, question, or to educate me on all the short-coming of The Mirror --- and of me.
And, of course, I don't get a chance to get to know Them --- to talk with Them, one-on-one --- the way I (Thank Thespis!) can with most actors and theater-Makers after a show.

I'm interested in knowing more about the "civilians" --- the "mere" theater-lovers who, all too silently, make up all those audiences every week.

This is all Very New To Me. I'll get my first chance to fall on my face over at Hovey this Sunday.

If YOUR Company has any interest in the idea, you can get back to me about it. ( e-mail; phone 1(617)524-1768; Larry, 125 Amory Street #501, ROXBURY MA 02119 )

Maybe I can't really put more asses on your empty seats.
Maybe no one will Want to talk with me...
Maybe YOU think I'm just an ego-obsessed "Critic" hoping to up-stage your show.....
We'll never know unless we try, right?



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