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Subject: Thanks!
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 1997 22:47:37 -0500
From: mary french

I came across your website while trying to find out if the production of "Cymbeline" at the Hartford Stage is still running. I agree with your comment about how surprising it is that so many professional theater companies do not have a presence on the Web (like, ahem, the Hartford Stage.) I am equally surprised that the online version of the Boston "Globe," otherwise so good, does not have a link in its "Living/Arts" pages section of its website to theater listings. I can very easily find out what's playing at my local movie house, but not what theater might be an alternative for my time.

Sometimes I think that, for the newspaper of record here in Boston, theater is no longer a Living Art.
Sad. Very sad...

Subject: Feedback on TheaterMirror Website
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 10:07:53 -0500
From: Gerry Baker

I found this site to be extremely useful and intuitive to maneuver within.
One key category of information that I was hoping to find but did not was the ability to view user-selectable theater seating plans. This feature would be greatly beneficial to someone trying to determine preferred seating location when contemplating a ticket purchase. What do you think? Do you know of an alternative website that already provides this function?

Seating-charts are hard to come by. Take a look at the Broadway in Boston website. This is a no-nonsense, hard-sell, "Order Tickets Here" website for a big commercial operation trying to fill two large houses with sellout-crowds.
Do you see a seating-chart anywhere on the site?
No, you don't.
If the theatres themselves don't put up their seating-charts, how do you think The Theater Mirror could get charts to put up?

Subject: For Your Information
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 11:10:08 +0000
From: Mort Kaplan

Larry, thought you should know. I didn't want you to think that I am ignoring the power of the internet. The following is a copy of what I sent the Globe:

"I resigned last Friday from my dual positions of president and general manager of the Boston Lyric Stage Company. I was recruited as president two years ago by the Lyric's board to lead in effecting administrative and artistic changes and, for the past six months, I also worked daily as the general manager. It was damaging to my health to continue working in an environment where the daily environment is crises ridden and the prevailing dynamic is a tension of negativity, anger and distrust."

Do with this as you see fit. Have a wonderful holiday. May you live long and prosper! My best, MORT

When I heard that Mort Kaplan had resigned from the Northeastern University Theater Department I thought Boston's theater scene was losing a talented director and a good teacher, so when I later heard he was working at The Lyric Stage I rejoiced. The Lyric is the oldest continuously-operating company in Boston, and I have known good friends working there for twenty- five years or so --- at least as long as I've known Mort.
At the moment I know nothing of the conflicts, or why they are apparently being played out in the full glare of publicity, but whatever develops this is a disaster of major proportions for Boston theater.
My immediate impulse is to sit upon the ground and tell sad stories of the death of kings.

Love to all,

Subject: help!!
Date: Thu, 18 Dec 1997 10:36:57 -0500
From: pdries [ ]

Larry: Tons of information at this site! I'm looking at the possibility of relocating to the Boston area, but I am interested in working in a Deaf Theater Company. Are there any there? i couldn't tell by the listings, and didn't have time to look at them all individually.
If you know of any Deaf Troupes out there please let me know! I'm studying to be an interpreter for the deaf, but am also an actress, so I need to live somewhere I can do both!!! :)

The only group I know doing productions directly for the deaf is a travelling company called THE THEATER OF THE DEAF, and they started at The O'Neill Center down in Connecticut. I have no idea where their base is at the moment.
I think The Lyric Stage and The New Repertory Theatre and probably A.R.T. do performances on specific nights with "deaf subtitles", but none of them do it every night, and I'm not sure who else has such a program.
You may definitely be able to both act and interpret here in Boston, but probably never at the same time...
Best I can hope is that this letter will flush more useful information out of our Greenroom audience...
( a k a larry stark )

Subject: Auditions
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 20:35:34 -0500

Hello, my name is Kevin Sampson. I am trying to find out informtaion regarding auditions for various productions in Boston. I live in the Boston area and only have T access. So, I can not travel too far. I looked at the listing of auditions however, they are either too far or already have taken place. Can you give me some help.


Hi Kevin. larry stark here
. The Best Source for audition info is Word Of Mouth.
Second-best source is the "StageSource" hotline. You have to subscribe, but after you know the number phone them every day for instant-updates.
Third-best source is NEW ENGLAND ENTERTAINMENT DIGEST, but it's a Monthly.
Fourth-best is The GLOBE Calendar every Thursday.
And the fifth- best is us.
There really isn't a sixth-best that I've ever heard of.

My suggestion is that you show up at Every Damned Audition you can for the next six months, even if it's for NUNSENSE, and leave your name and address. Companies will often include "non- member" actors who have tried-out when they send postcards about their subsequent productions, and many of them never bother to publicize their casting-calls in ANY of the above places.
Also, Work a show, as crew or warm-body, and you may hear people talking about upcoming productions. Techies sometimes know stuff, whereas around here actors often keep such info to themselves to cut down their competition for roles.
You might try phoning every theatre we list and asking for MBTA directions, just so you can map your possible venues and eliminate others. I'm lousy with maps so I can't help you there.
I wish it were easier! But break a leg...

Subject: Need link changed
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 03:10:46 -0500

Okay, turnabout is fair play. :> I just changed my bookmark to Could you, in turn, change the link for the Mark Twain Masquers (West Hartford, CT) to ?
Miriam Neiman

Actually, not till next Tuesday, Miriam. I insulted my Pentium by asking its WINDOWS 95 to switch to the DOS program, and I haven't been able to saee even The Theater Mirror for over a week! But help is on the way. (They'd have been here sooner, but they have to eat the sled-dogs as they progress....)

Subject: seating
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 09:22:28 EST
From: MNO610

I have a problem. I would like to see Blue Man Group at the Charles Playhouse, but i am corcerned about seating. You see...i am 6'-10" tall and that makes it difficult to enjoy sitting comfortably in a theater. My hope is that you can supply some informatio, perhaps a seating chart, which will increase the likelihood of finding a seat with extra leg-room. I also plan to see Ms Siagon at the Wang and Phantom down in Providence, so any help there would also be much appreciated. Thank you.
Eric Emeneau

Eric, I just told someone yesterday the definition of "average height":
Average height is the distance from the floor to your eyeballs. People shorter than that are short and people taller than that are tall. I just don't happen to meet very many short people, and I'll bet you rarely meet many tall ones --- though we are, both of us, Average Height.
There Are No Seating Charts, and they lie, but even so you'd be best advised to take a human ticket-seller into your confidence about the situation. You will not be the first person with such a problem they've ever talked to, and they know their theatres and their quirks.
Last time I was at the Charles Playhouse it was cabaret-style seating, which would be good for you, but that was before BLUE MAN got there. With bank-seating there is a center aisle, but I'm betting it's pygmie-sized rows; it's not a huge house, you see.
In the other houses, you might inquire whether handicapped- seating arrangements might be made, since they do keep chairs for those not in wheelchairs. Also, the box-seats are fairly roomy, except that the sight-lines are abominable. (They were meant for people who wanted to Be Seen, not to See!). I'll lateral this to a ticketseller-friend and see if he knows anything that might be helpful.
(I'd say "break a leg" but you might think it was advice!)

Subject: Just great!
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 00:51:12 EST
From: Linda922

I think The Theater Mirror is wonderful!!!! Spent hours going thru all the wonderful info!

Would you know of any place online that I could check prices of tickets.....specifically the Wang Center for Miss Saigon?
Thank you!

No, Linda, the Wang is totally oblivious to the Internet.
The Colonial/Wilbur/Charles Playhouse complex DID come on-line not long ago, at --- but that's it.

Here's their communique:

Subject: Welcome to shows
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 17:27:10 -0500 (EST)

Here's the general information for the list you've subscribed to, in case you don't already have it:

Welcome to the Broadway In Boston WEBTIX list!

WEBTIX is an electronic distribution list for special discount theatre offers and sneak previews of Broadway In Boston events. If you are receiving this e-mail you have either purchased tickets from Broadway In Boston or have visited our web site. If you ever want to remove your name from this distribution list just follow the directions below. We promise that we will not sell or rent your name to other companies for use on their distribution lists.

As a member of this list you will only receive special discount offers to Broadway In Boston shows and late-breaking news as we continue to book additional shows throughout the season. The discounts offered to you through this list will be deep discounts (up to 50%!!) made available only to members of WEBTIX.

If you think this is a great idea please forward this message to anyone else who may be interested in great deals on Boston theatre.

To find out more information about Broadway In Boston and our season schedule please visit our web site at and add your name to our database.

Subject: Please post somewhere!!!
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 20:06:58 EST
From: Dktpiano

hello, I'm a high school theater director desperately in need of a choreographer and a costume designer!! Auditions are the end of January so I'm really in a rush! Pleas post these in the green room under announcements...or anywhere you want! I need help and fast!!

North Shore High School needs choreographer and costume designer for upcoming production of "The Wizard of Oz".
Show runs end of January to beginning of April.
Stipend is available depending on experience.
E-mail ne at

From: SAZiccardi
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 10:15:02 EST
Subject: Special Audition Announcement for Theater Mirror

Please include this information in the Audition section. We appreciate your work...we got our outstanding female lead in our last show because you posted our last audition announcement! Thanks!

The Mirror only reflects the audition-announcements that come in through e-mail or snail-mail, so we don't pretend to be complete.
Nevertheless, More and more people are finding out about casting-calls from The Theater Mirror these days, and that's something we feel genuinely proud of.
The complete notice from The Hingham Civic Music Theatre is in Special Announcements at the moment.
Just as soon as specific dates for auditions come in, we'll post them under Auditions along with all other casting-calls that have come into The Theater Mirror. (Maybe you should bookmark it!)

From: "Richard"
Subject: Bishop Feehan's "Guys and Dolls"
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 17:52:49 -0500

This is Justin Jutras again from BISHOP FEEHAN HIGH SCHOOL. Just thought I'd give ya' the address and phone # of the school so you could update it in the "COMING ATTRACTIONS" section of the page. The address is:
Bishop Feehan High School
70 Holcott Drive
Attleboro, MA 02703
The number to call is: 1(508)226-6223. Thank You for posting the message, and I hope to see you in April or May.
--P.S. You can put as the company, Bishop Feehan Theatre Department.

From: "Manuel Davila"
Subject: ask
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 1997 19:59:51 -0400

Hi! I represent a group of students from the International School of Curacao. We are going to Boston to assist to the Harvard Model United Nations on December 11-14. We would like to know if there is any Shakespeare play performing during our stay in Boston, so we could gladly assist. Please inform us with this information as soon as possible, so we can check with our schedule if there is any conflict.
Luis Davila

At the moment I can't find Any Shakespeare, anywhere in New England, in the entire month of December!
This is "Christmas Carol" and "Nutcracker" season. There is a lot of good theater around, but none of it by the Bard of Avon.

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