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Thursday, 25 August, 2001:
"There Are BEARS Loose on Broadway!!!"

Subject: Re: Perishable Presents a Week of Free Theater
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 00:46:25 -0400
From: Larry Stark's Theater Mirror
To: Marilyn Dubois

Thank you all So Very MUCH for restoring my belief in the humanity of theater.

I am churning ideas over for a Cricket's Notebook, because I got an irate call from a friend who knows more about theatrical Business than I do. He was upset to learn that immediately after the bombing the producers of some seven or so shows in The Apple assessed the needs of their community after such a calamity --- and decided to CLOSE THEIR SHOWS BECAUSE BOX-OFFICE SALES WOULD DROP!!!!!
These are most of them shows that had Already Made Their Nut and were paying back gravy --- and the producers then claimed TAX WRITE-OFFS on their suddenly "unprofitable" properties.....

My almost inarticulate informant told me a group-photo of the Terribly Regretful Producers showed most of them wearing the shit-eating grins of the terminally greedy.

I needed PERISHABLE today!

Your Corporate contributors, none of whom can know beans about theaterical economics, all deserve Medals for seeing what those Greedy Bastards down in The Apple cannot: That a people in turmoil N E E D Theater to remind themselves that being human may not always be fun, but we do it

And some times we have more to worry about than our bottom-lines.


=+=+=25 September '01=+=+=


Providence, RI: In an active response to the tragic events that occurred on Tuesday September 11th, Perishable Theatre and their Sponsors are offering up a Gift to the Community by opening up their doors for a week of family performances of Bradshaw's SHADOWS as open and free to the public.

From October 2nd through the 7th, Perishable Theatre is hosting Australia's world renowned shadow puppeteer Richard Bradshaw as he brings his unique brand of storytelling to Providence for a rare appearance.

In lieu of admission, donations will be accepted in the name of The New York Firefighters 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund. Through the generous sponsorship of Richard H. Lefebvre Insurance Agency, BANKRI, Southwest Airlines, Reilly & Company, LTD, Certified Public Accountants, Rhode Island State Council on the Arts, New England Foundation for the Arts, and other anonymous corporate donors, Perishable Theatre is offering a week of FREE performances for the community of this rare family event. As Perishable is an intimate theatre space and seating is limited, reservations are strongly recommended. To reserve tickets, contact the Perishable Theatre Box Office at 401-331-2695 x 101. For more information call the above number or visit them on the web at .

This artistic response to the tragic events that have befallen the nation came as a result of the staff and artists of Perishable Theatre meeting only days after the World Trade Center Disaster to discuss what part they could play as artists in helping the community deal with this tragedy. As a community based organization that has long prided itself on its Mission of creating an open dialogue with its audience and community, the Perishable Theatre staff decided that the best way to cope with the recent events was to respond immediately and make a positive impact within the local community. "The fact that our next scheduled show at the Theater was Bradshaw's SHADOWS, not only world class theatre, but also uplifting family fare led us to the idea of making the art free and open to the public as a sincere gesture to the community, " states Artistic Director Mark Lerman. "The next step was to then gather together their other like minded, pro-active businesses and individuals and raise enough funds to offer up every seat for this week long event for free. Our main hope is to take a positive stand locally --- by giving them the opportunity to come together as families and celebrate the human spirit."

Appropriate for adults and children of all ages, grand master Richard Bradshaw's solo piece Bradshaw's SHADOWS mixes delightful English music hall humor and classic drama with consummate skill. Chosen by Jim Henson for his "Six Masters of Puppetry" Series, Richard Bradshaw presents an evening that is raucous and warm, clever and memorable. His puppets are simple delicate creatures capable of multiple transformations that assist this masterful storyteller create a world of grand illusion on a small screen. These wonderful puppet characters accompany traditional stories, songs and simple jokes with surreal twists designed to excite and please audiences.

"....he works alone behind a screen scarcely larger than that of a T.V. set. But what work! What a goldsmith!.... It's an opportunity not to be missed. It's not often one gets the chance to laugh wholeheartedly... and with spirit!" Arts Magazine.

WHAT: Bradshaw's SHADOWS
WHERE: Perishable Theatre, 95 Empire Street, Providence, RI
WHEN: October 2-7, 2001
Tuesday Oct 2 at 7PM
"Early Bird Thursday" Oct 4 at 7PM
Friday Oct 5 at 8PM
Saturday Oct 6 at 8PM
Sunday Oct 7 at 2PM
TICKETS: FREE TO THE PUBLIC - seating is limited,
reservations strongly recommended
In lieu of admission, donations will be accepted in the name of The New York Firefighters 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund
BOX OFFICE: 401-331-2695 x101

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