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Thursday, 11 May, 2000: "A Surprisingly Sensitive Review"

Can your computer play Radio Shows for you to listen to?
If so, feed it this URL:
and listen to the last ten minutes of the program. It's a very sensitive review of a play, and this is the description of the piece from the station's program notes:

May 11th, 2000

Marx on Wit

"The Pulitzer prize winning play "Wit" is the story of a cold, cerebral poetry professor who discovers her humanity as she's dying of ovarian cancer. Though there are other characters in the play, "Wit" is really a one-woman tour de force. Lisa Harrow has performed the role off-Broadway and now she performs the role in a small theater in Vermont, where she lives. Here and Now's theater critic Bill Marx travelled to the Green Mountain state to see the play."

The piece is a conversation about the show with Debra Robie --- introduced with a clip of Lisa Harrow's performance up in her home town, White River Junction. Marx talks about some other ladies he's seen do the play (Harrow had done it in the off-Broadway production in NYC), and about Harrow's current production in Vermont. He even ventured the rather magnanimous guess that, once she settles in, she will "draw the audience into the performance" and it will grow better with time.

Does that sound like the former Boston GLOBE second-stringer we all read for the past several years? No way!

Bill, some twenty-five years back I realized that two of the "ten best nights of theater" I could remember had been directed by guys I had roundly, and repeatedly, panned up till then. And so I resolved to try to keep my mind open and wherever possible to live by the maxim "I Always judge, but I never sentence."

We have had our differences, and I take back nothing I have said in the past. But "The past is prologue" isn't it.
This was a fine, informative, insightful, sensitive review anyone should be proud of, and I am very glad to have heard it, live, on my bedside radio, and I look forward eagerly to your next one.


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