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Cricket's Notebook

Monday, 2 October, 2000: Let me try to embarrass you...

This was the week-end I ran out of everything. I mismanaged the $554 the Social Security System gives me to live on and, as the old joke says, "When It came to the end of the money, I still had month left." I ran out of money --- had to write a check for $7 because the ATM couldn't give less than ten, and so I have a checking-account balance of $2.94 right now. I ran out of paper towels. I ran out of tea. I ran out of tuna-fish and breakfast bagels and Ben & Jerry's ice cream and toilet-paper. My only pair of pants developed a widening split in the seat, and I ran out of quarters.

Today, after the banks had closed, I rolled up 50 pennies and bought two quarters for the subway, but when I got to the Stop&Shop's ATM the Feds, taking literally the fact that they pay me on the 3rd of the month, hadn't yet e-mailed me October's $554 --- so all I could do was walk back to the Orange line and pay that last quarter for an empty-handed ride back home.

This sounds like a pitch for you to send some cash so I can pay the $30-a-month it costs me to keep The Theater Mirror alive, right? Wrong!

I've said all this to verify the fact that I am Poor, a Deadbeat, a Welfare-cheat. Even so, exactly one month ago I went back to see The Publick Theatre's production of "Gypsy" and bought my ticket with a $50.00 check.

And if I could do it, you could do it too.

I won't tell you how much The Publick means to me, or how much it means to Boston, or how very much they need support after two disastrous attacks by vandals and arsonists have made the life of this plucky company precarious. I'll just remind you that a matching-grant of a thousand bucks was offered The Publick, if they could raise an additional thou.
I haven't heard whether the company has made the match to save that grant, but fifty bucks of that thousand is mine.

Can you say the same?



As a longtime supporter of The Publick Theatre as well as TheaterMirror, Haymarket Community Corporation, a non-profit corporation, will match (up to $1,000) funds that are received by The Publick Theatre to assist them in replacing the set. It is money well contributed. The Funds should be sent directly to The Publick Theatre at:
c/o D. Schoenberg
4 Elliott Street
Nashua, NH 03064

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