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From: Joe 
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 96 23:00:33 -800
Subject: dating listings

Your service is a great idea and very helpful for finding
information regarding Boston's Theatre scene.  Including the
opening and closing dates of the scheduled performances would
make your service even more useful than it is.
Thanks for going to the trouble of putting this page out and
continue the good work!

Joe Jacoby

Thank you, Joe!

You may think we're following your advice --- sporadically! --- but that's not quite true. The (till ... ) notices are for me, not really for you. It's easy to forget where I learned about a show, and hard to remember details about so many. I am reminding myself with this device to pull the listing when the show closes, but NOT to pull the listing Until the show closes.

The other specific reference to time is the ( ... only) note, so people wading through the listings don't get all enthused about going to a show that flashed and finished in the beginning of the week!

Frankly, Joe, I wonder what advantage the Opening date would be to you, in a long-running or an ongoing show. And of course we DO give opening and closing dates in the Previews section --- though I admit we don't print all dates for shows that run only a few week-end performances.

What we do instead is print a telephone number that should get you complete information as to run, dates, times, prices, and availability of seating. Thus we're actually encouraging people to talk to box-office or administrative people at the theatre to learn more than a quick listing would tell them.

But maybe we should be doing it differently.

What do all of you think?



Date: Sun, 25 Feb 1996 09:47:50 -0500
From: Terry Layman 
Subject: Gurney In Boston?


Do you know if A.R.Gurney's Play "Later Life" has had a
professional production in the Boston area? It played Off
Broadway in 1993 and has had several regional productions.
Any help would be great.
Terry Layman
From: Date: Sat, 17 Feb 1996 21:35:00 -0500 Looking for info. on Joseph Chaiken and the Open Theatre. College student doing research, can you help? Where is a good place to find info? Thank you for any help you can give... STRETCHMN2


Mr. Stark:
I would like to resond to the review written about The Blue Man Group's Tubes, although there was no link contained inviting comments by readers.

The reviewer treated the performance by the Blue Men as one would a fascinating little magic show by David Copperfeild, one where the audience is invited to "ooo" and "ahhh" and to have their entertainment served to them conveniently. However, I think the reviewer missed an important point: in "Tubes," the audience was invited to think, to make connections with the artform, be it spectacular shows of paint-splashed drums, be it the use of light-message boards as percussion instruments, be it the analogy between the Internet and the sewer system.

The Blue Man Group's message was clear, to me: we are embarking upon a new Renaissance as the century draws to an end. This renaissance is the realization that the technology we have is capable of being integrated into centuries of artistic tradition. Through chaos mathematics, as shown in the fractal portion of the show, we are able to see infinite patterns in nature, form, music, behavior, and in the civilizations we build. My acting teacher insists that in every story there is a mythological archetype, and plays express the ancient truths that humanity has persistenly recognized. The show that I saw at the Charles Playhouse was a mythological Revelation; Prometheus revealing fire to the masses. The Blue Man Group showed me, as an actress that there are new ways of expressing truth through art.

The Tubes of the show were the strings that connect all human accomplishments: tubes of paint, DNA strands, wires connecting the Internet, plumbing. I walked out of the Charles playhouse in a daze, drunk fom the exposure to the pure creativity that was put into the piece. That feeling, I realized was the buzz one gets from true artist-to audience connection. That feeling has inspired me to explore my own imagination, to create the type of magic that The Blue Man Group shared with their audience.

I suppose they were my own Promethean spark, igniting a long subdued ember within me.


At long last, a real "Minority Report"!

Critics aren't gods, all opinions are valid, and I wish more "just people" would send The Theater Mirrorwhtewver opinions they have of the shows they've seen --- either disagreeing with our review, as here, or even agreeing form a different perspective, or even more important, putting into The Mirror your reactions, no matter how brief, to any play you've seen, whether we've reviewed it or not.

Reactions or opinions can be sent, any time, to the "" email-drop, and they'll show up, not only here in The Greenroom, but as a "Minority Report" following the review upon which you comment.

This new perspective on the show makes me wonder what my own very personal opinion of the show might be.

And that's why "Minority Reports" are a vital part of The Theater Mirror!

Sub: Metrobeat

Date: Wed, 14 Feb 1996 18:11:27 -0500
From: joshua

Please look at our site. It has comprehensive listings for New York City Theater. Also, please link us as a theater community resource.


"Check out Metrobeat, the first truly comprehensive online guide to events in any city. This immensely useful web site, free to users, has over 5,000 pages (regenerated daily) of movies, arts and other events in New York City. Metrobeat has savvy editors and discriminating reviewers. It includes schedules for over 1,000 locations, message boards, maps, mailing lists, and a powerful search engine. Personalized editions will be available early 1996."


Joshua, I thought we had! So we have. Apologies...

Date: Tue, 13 Feb 96 18:49:51 -0800
From: Fine Arts Computer Lab #15
Organization: VSU College of the Arts
Subject: Machiavelli's MANDRAGOLA

Hi: I'm beginning my research on MANDRAGOLA and I'm looking for reviews and/or modern criticism. Can you help? Thanks.

Date: Sun, 11 Feb 1996 14:52:17 -0500
From: "Dean O'Donnell"
Subject: Theatre Technology Opportunities

Dear Larry,

Saw this today in your "Green Room Discussions":

>From: Chris McCauley
>I'm a high school student in north Carolina thinking about being a
 theatre Techie. I would like to know about
>job opertunies that exist. so I know what to expect late after I grad. >NC
 school of the arts. PLEASE REPLY!
>thank you, Chris

I thought I could help out by pointing you to Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Theatre and Theatre Technology Page ( We currently have an undegraduate program dealing specifically with the technical side of theatre, and if Chris is looking for a college in the Boston area (we're about an hour away by car, but heck, that's what road trips are for) to study technical theatre it's something he should consider.

The tech jobs are actually quite in demand all over the country, especially if you can handle the really high tech stuff that the big houses use. (You may remember when the Boston opening of The Who's Tommy was delayed a couple of days because of a hard drive crash.) Our graduates have gone on to design sound systems for Miss Saigon, Disney on Ice, and a bunch of other Broadway shows. One of our other graduates just put together the laser show for one of the big Las Vegas hotels (sorry, I forget the name, but he was telling me how hard it is to get the dragons to spout really incredible flames without toasting the wizard standing between them).

Anyway, just thought you (and Chris) would be interested...

Dean O'Donnell
Adjunct Instructor
Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Thanks for the reply, Dean. We have received three letters so far from students looking for JOBS here in New England. (Note the one below.)

I finally figured out that these kids are sending out query/resume letters via Internet, and include The Theater Mirror in their list. I think that's fine, since a lot of theater people look into The Mirror, and those job-requests may actually pass before useful eyeballs. I've been frustrated, though, because I've never kept my finger on the professional pulse of theater here --- even as a professional reviewer, I thought it best to stay aloof from that. But that means that my only practical experience has been with UNpaid theater people.

That's not the kind of "jobs" these kids hope for!

From: (Julie H Birns)
Subject: the summer
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 1996 12:57:35 -0500 (EST)

Hi! My name is Julie Birns and I am a student at the University of Pennsylvania. I am from Worcester, Massachusetts and I will be returning to live in Framingham for the summer. I am very interested in theater and I have decided that I would really like to work in a theater over the summer.

In high school, I ran light and sound boards and I assistant stage managed and in college I have done all that and, in addition, I have stage managed (not assistant :)) Anyway, I very much enjoy working in the theater and I was wondering if you had any positions open or if you wanted an extra hand over the summer.

I finish school at the beginning of May and I do not return to school until early September, so I am available for quite a long period of time. In addition, I am aware of the long hours that are involved in theater, but I am more than willing to be extremely committed!

I would love a response whether positive or negative :)

My address is:
Julie Birns
Box 934
3700 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
My phone number is 215-417-6118 and my e-mail address is
I look forward to hearing from you soon.


From: "Thomas Morrissey"
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 1996 00:20:06 +0000
Subject: "HEART KNOCKS" Monday Feb 12, benefit cabaret, NYC


If you'd like to receive more information on The GENESIUS GUILD, membership, script submission policy or our other events and performances please send us an e-mail with the subject-line "more info please" and we'd be more than happy to respond.

4. Our upcoming Cabaret "HEART KNOCKS" Feb. 12 at Theatre East, NYC

The GENESIUS GUILD will present "Heart Knocks" Cabaret and Auction to benefit The GUILDS 1996 workshop of new work. The evening will take place on Monday February 12th at 8:00 PM at Theatre East (former home of "Forbidden Broadway"), 211 East 60th Street. For more information and ticket reservations call The GENESIUS GUILD at (212) 946-5625.

Thank You,
Thomas Morrissey
Artistic Director
FAX 212.229.9188


Tom, I think we want both more information, and less. The Theater Mirror reflects theater activity in BOSTON, not in The Big Apple. We're flattered that you expect people in that wide area we we serve will need to know about your twice-monthly performances and cooperative productions of new plays and musicals. We also wonder how many Mirror readers will make the trek down to East 60th Street next Monday. (By the way, anyone who DOES attend the cabaret, please Email The Mirror as soon as you get home; we'd like information about the show and about The Genesius Guild from anyone who knows about their work.)

So, Tom, a schedule of future productions would be appreciated, and notice of finalized performances each month or each fortnight would also be useful. But The Mirror can't print extensive press releases about shows taking place in "the deep South"! (Unless, of course, you'd like to buy space in the ADditional Information section... ???)

           *  Brad Ball                  Stage Manager's Unanimous *
           *                                                       *
           *               All the world's a stage and             *
           *         most of us are desperately unrehearsed.       *
           *                                                       *
           *                      *
           *              *

From: Kim and Melodie
Subject: Prince William Sound theatre Conference

This summer will be our fourth conference and for our special guest, we will have Arthur Miller. Also, Edward Albee is returning and possibly Terrence McNally. Anyone interested in information should watch for a WEB page soon to come or contact me at the above address. Alaska in the summer, along w/ such superb playwrights!


First Missouri, now Alaska!
What's next? Guam? Tierra del Fuego? Peoria?????

Date: Thu, 01 Feb 1996 16:20:30 -0500
From: James Cooke

Dear Larry Stark:

Saw your web site on New England theatre scene and thought I'd ask you a question. Do you know any theatres and artistic directors in the Boston (New England) area who are open to new plays and playwrights?

The Barre Players (which you surprisingly listed) did a play of mine this past fall as part of the New Works In Progress Festival and I'd like to keep seeing my work performed.

Appreciate any suggestions

James Cooke
E-Mail Address: JACOOKE@Cahners.Com


This is a very important question for the future of theater everywhere. I hope people who look into The Mirror will add to a list; I hope companies not currently well known for interest in new plays will speak up!

The Playwrights' Theatre does new plays at:
949 Commonwealth Avenue, BOSTON (02215?)

And CENTASTAGE, working at the Boston Center for The Arts, will put up three new plays for their entire season this year. (I'll be reviewing on the 10th.) They're at:


And, for a look at their "Mission Statement" try:

Other people are interested in new plays, but rarely does a company specialize in them. So, if you know of anyone who is receptive to new work, please let us know right here on The Theater Mirror.

THE THEATER MIRROR, Boston's LIVE Theater Guide