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46 PM 1/26/96 -0800

theatre troupe, Tada Productions (based in Marshfield, MA - South Shore), is peforming "Oliver!". How can we get listed??


Michael Waddell


No problem, Michael!

We need to know the dates the show opens and closes

We need to know the producing company OR the name of the theatre, or BOTH

We need to know the street address and city where performances will take place

We need the box-office or information phone number

And that's it.

We'd LIKE to know as soon as YOU know, so we can put the information into our PREVIEWS section; then when the opening-date pops up we can transfer that directly into OPENINGS and UP & RUNNING, and the closing-date will tell us when to pull the listing.

Date: Fri, 19 Jan 1996 16:58:58 -0600
From: Bonnie Smith
Subject: Bye Bye Birdie

Would you please let your folks know that if they are in Springfield Missouri in February, they might want to see what Parkview School is doing.


Bonnie D Smith
Sales Manager &


Are you playing "Mother", or do you have progeny in the cast?

You know, Bonnie, The Theater Mirror has been expanding our interpretation of the phrase "The Greater Boston Area" for some time now --- and watch what happens when Summer Stock season opens! --- but this, I think, is a first.

Subject: Calendar Listings

I am the assistant public relations director for North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly and a new user of the net. I just found your page and think it's really great. I'm so happy that something like this exists for the Boston area theater scene. What I'd like to know is: How do I send you information about North Shore Music Theatre? and Do you accept calendar listings or press releases?

Please let me know. My email address is Thanks for your help.


Send us any firm dates, any time, and they'll go up!

We give minimum information, but send any press-releases to me here at

    larry stark
                   117B Thorndike Street
                   Brookline MA 02146
                   Email to:

The Theater Mirror prints press-releases, but we charge for the service. Check out ADDITIONAL INFORMATION for a sample.

Subject: Re: Mailing

Thank you for your e-mail and for your listing of our site on your site. For some reason I was not aware that you had done this, but am thrilled that you have. I am putting the finishing touches on a "related sites" section on our homepage, and will include you in that listing.

I will keep you on our mailing list of the latest news. If you see a show that is not appearing in the Boston area, or a show that is appearing here first, AND you would like to get a copy of a New Haven review for your site, just let me know. Also if there is something that you want to review yourself, let me know as well.

I am glad to see your dedication to "live theater" and I assure you that it is very much alive in New Haven.

Randall Rode
General Manager
Shubert Performing Arts Center
247 College Street
New Haven, CT 06510


Thanks for the interest! I wish BOSTON's Shubert Theatre were as active as the one down south!

Date: Wed, 24 Jan 1996 19:56:49 -0500
Subject: you're doin it right

Hey come to Chicago and do this for us. we have a huge theater community that needs this kind of pep talk. We are nobody's 2nd city... keep up the great work I'm a new fan.



Heavens, BJ, from the two excellent listing-services we have found in the Chicago area, it's obvious that you indeed live in a large and Thriving theater community! And you can't have our old Puritan anti-theatrical pomposity to contend with there in the mid-West, can you? Or is it just that no one, anywhere in America, realizes how much LIVE theater goes on every damn week!
But I must ask: as a professional with a card, are you finding regular work these days? Here in Boston, except for some LORT contracts, pickings are better for the non-Union "professional" (in the sense of dedication, rather than remuneration) than for the carded. Are things any healthier in the West?
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 1996 22:00:59 -0500
Subject: a start

Mr. Stark.....I am interested in coming to Boston to look for work in the theater. I am a theatre/English Major from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA and wish to auditon, study voice and get started somehow. Can you helpl with some connections, advice,e tc. Thank you. WC

For auditions, I recommend subscribing to THE NEW ENGLAND ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE, and checking STAGE MANAGER'S UNANIMOUS . They both do a pretty good job.
When you say studying "voice" do you mean as in "opera" or "musicals", or do you mean stage-speaking voice? Actually I can't help you with either, but there are several colleges with theater programs here, and a couple conservatories for singing training.
As to getting started: check the summer productions at Tufts University in Medford, that might have an opening. Maybe The Publick Theatre, as well. But most of the good actors I know actually don't get paid very often, though they can work a lot if they are dedicated and have day-jobs.

From: "Thomas Morrissey" 
Date:          Fri, 19 Jan 1996 01:33:13 +0000
Subject:       Monday Night Performance Projects in NYC

Hi Everybody,

The GENESIUS GUILD is a company of professional theatre artists dedicated to the development of new plays and musicals.

Come join us and attend our free Monday Night Performance Projects of member initiated developing works.

Upcoming dates are:
January 8th & 22nd
February 5th & 19th
March 4th & 18th
April 8th & 22nd
May 6th & 20th.

All evenings are held at 'HERE' Performance Space, 145 6th Ave. (at Spring St.), NYC

Call (212) 946-5625 for more information.


If you would like more information about The GENESIUS GUILD, membership information, script and/or project submission policies or information regarding our upcoming events you can:

CALL: (212) 946-5625
Thomas Morrissey
PO Box 2273
New York, NY 10108

We will call, send or e-mail you back as you prefer.

OR: Attend one our Monday Nights, the best way to see us in action. If you received more than one copy of this e-mail or would like to be removed from this list let us know.

Thank you,

Thomas Morrissey
Artistic Director

The two letters below concern matters of importance to all those who look into The Theater Mirror. Please, tell us whenever you hear of a show we might otherwise miss! And, your feedback about seating-charts is loudly requested! ===larry stark

Date: Tue, 16 Jan 96 07:49:30 -0500
From: Harlan Feinstein 

Dates for the Milford Theater Guild's performances of City of Angels are Mar 1, 2, 8, 9. I'm not sure of exactly the address yet ('cause pit orchestra rehearsals haven't started yet), but that's probably enough info to make a listing, isn't it?



Dear Harlan,

Thanks for the listing, but I'm still puzzled. These are the only theatre-spaces we've listed in Milford:

30 School Street, MILFORD
MILFORD HIGH SCHOOL, Davis I. Davoren Auditorium Com
31 West Fountain Street, MILFORD

Do you know which one might be correct? Does the phone-number of either correspond to what you have?

We really do need name of theater (in this case the Theater Guild will do), the street address, the city (some places work at regional high-schools not in their town!), and an info phone.

Thank you so much for the help, though!

Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 09:49:12 -0500 (EST)
From: Mindy Socolow {70776} 
Subject: Theater seating charts


I was reading your web page hoping to see the layout of Ye Wilbur Theater. How about providing the seating charts of local theaters including seat numbers? Some of these are in the telephone book. This would help in selecting tickets. Hope I can enjoy "The Mousetrap" from wherever I'm sitting.

Mindy Socolow


A good idea, Mindy, we will consider it. Web-pages work exactly the reverse of telephones: every time YOU call US, it costs US money. The more you read, or the more graphics-bytes you eat up, the more your call costs. We're now so (quite joyously!) successful we can feel it in the pocketbook!

But we'll investigate. Maybe big-volume houses would be willing to pay US to include their seating-charts. We can try...

Some of our best friends work in box-offices. They will tell you, and a seating chart often won't, what seats are terrible. And they will know whether seats you have looked up on a chart are available for the night you can go. After all, they live much of their lives in that theatre, not in some mainframe in Peoria making formula decisions about every Big Barn in the country.

But we'll try. The more informed you are when you do get to the box-office, the easier the transaction will be.

How about the rest of you. Would seating-charts here in The Theater Mirror make your lives any easier? Please speak up!!!

Date: Tue, 09 Jan 96 03:40:36 0500

From: Chris McCauley

I'm a high school student in north Carolina thinking about being a theatre Techie. I would like to know about job opertunies that exist. so I know what to expect late after I grad. NC school of the arts. PLEASE REPLY! thank you, Chris


Can anyone on The Mirror help Chris out? People make a living around here renting lights or costumes, but in most, the good money is probably involved with union jobs. My experience has been more with semi-professional or community or college groups, and the tech jobs, when not donated, are probably few.

Try checking out our newest web link; one I discovered from Australia. "Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts" It has an incredible array of offerings, and may just point you in the right direction!

Can The Mirror tell us more?

Date: Mon, 15 Jan 96 06:42:54 -0800
From: "M. Moore of Boston" 

I saw your web site. Nice page.  Is there anywhere to list a play on the
WWW? -M.Moore


There's a great place to list a production.


We need the name of the play, the company or theatre producing it, the street-address of the performance, and the phone number for information and tickets.

You can send it to "" or to "" and we'll list it.

Date: Sat, 13 Jan 1996 20:46:44 -0500


Subject: What is all of this?

To whom it may concern-

I am an actor from Colorado and I was just wondering who and why this room is up and running. Is there that much of a problem in Mass with the theatre? I mean Co. isn't great, but it sure as hell isn't bad. Sure, no movie producers like to come here and there is only 20% union work, but does that mean the theatre is bad? No. I don't think so. I have been acting semi-professionally here in Colorado since I was 10, and I would say that the actors here are the nicest and some of the best that I have ever met in my life. I just wanted to state my oppinion about this, and if you (or whoever reads this letter) could write me back I would really like to hear. Thanks for your time. Ta ta


What's "a room", LesMis?

It looks to me as though you read only The Theater Mirror's opening comments, and not very well. Boston's Broadway houses --- places that draw big audiences for Broadway tryouts and touring companies going to or from New York City --- are more often dark than lit, but our semi-professional groups are alive and well thank you, and they also use the nicest and some of the best actors I myself have met.

Tell us about theater in Colorado, LesMis. Is there a service listing all the theatrical activity across the state that I can plug into via Internet? Where do you act, and what are the best groups or companies you know of?


Date: Wed, 10 Jan 1996 16:53:01 +0000
From: isaac josephson 
Larry -- Well, you said at the bottom of your theatre links to share, and that is always what I have been told to do. So.... Chicago Theatre (better than your current link) cheers, isaac


Isaac you are dead-on perfectly correct!
This is a listing I really envy! It starts with a dense alphabetical listing of theatres by title; they're strung out along horizontal lines with hardly any break between, in small type, but even thus the list is a couple screens long!

Each name is linked to individual address and phone, and at that point you often find current production info or the URL for the theatre itself. More important, there are links there for transportation-info,and for "activities in the area" that include "Restaurants" "Nightclubs" "Bars", each linked to such info!

It is hands down the best listings-site for theater activity I have seen anywhere --- even beats the U/Seattle coverage of that area which was my previous model to envy!

And, a word about the URLs:

The Theater Mirror links-list tries to plug our readers directly into the THEATER information at any site, rather than the site's home-page; some of these sites make finding theater stuff an esoteric maze-threading game of drill-downs and esoteric nomenclature. (Burying "Theater" under "Performances" is the least of their ploys!)

SO, if you use our links-list and find yourself somewhere in the past, please let us know so we can revise! Until now, I thought we were doing you a Service, not playing with your minds!

>And, Isaac, you ARE one of "The Happy Few" I hope? If you weren't, you certainly are now! Thanks so much!

Date: Sat, 23 Dec 1995 00:23:15 -0500
Subject: Arsenic and Old Lace


My name is Ken Higgins, Assistant Director of Genesee Ensemble Theatre Corp --- a not for profit theater in Dansville NY.

We are looking to establish theater communication lines for the expressed purpose of sharing and giving insightful info that would be beneficial to all.

We are currently in preproduction for "Arsenic and Old Lace" and would appreciate comments on how a particular production was run etc. We would be interested in how other organizations interact --- administratively and artistically.

Also info on effective advertising, and where that money be best spent. For example: we are buying cable TV advertising space to promote "Arsenic and Old Lace" and would be wondering how that may have worked for others.


Thanks for your interest



Odd what you find lying around your desk when you start cleaning up after the holidays, isn't it? Sorry to let this one wait so long before getting it up!

Have any LOCAL Boston theater companies used t-v ads? I thought only the New York producers could afford it.

In any case, Ken would like to learn how permanent local theater groups are managed, what sorts of advertising are worth the money, and how the artists and the managers divide up their duties, communicate with each other, and get their jobs done.

Contact him directly, or we will forward things sent to the GREENROOM.

Date: Thu, 11 Jan 1996 14:42:45 EST


My name is Jamie McGonnigal. You recently saw me in "Curley" at The Black Rose. I am also a frequent user of The Theater Mirror.

I'm not quite sure of the reason I'm actually writing to you, but I just thought that I should.

I do want to thank you, not only for your great review of "Curley" But for The Theater Mirror. It's a really wonderful way for people in this area to find out what's really going on in theater.

I am a junior at Bridgewater State College, where I am very involved in theater. I am also the Arts & Entertainment Editor for the school paper, "The Comment." One of the problems I often run into is reviewing shows, because most shows that go on here at school include me in the cast. So I only really print reviews from outside events. Since "Curley" will probably be extended, can I have your permission to reprint your review in our paper? I wish I could offer some sort of compensation, but we are a non-profit, student run kinda thing.

This isn't really the reason I wrote to you, but it just came to mind. I can also send you some of my reviews for the mirror if you would like them for the section of reviews from other mirror users.

Well, I've got to run, but please write back to me if you get the opportunity.

Thanks, Jamie McGonnigal


Of course you can reprint the review. Tell all of Bridgewater where you got it and how they can look into The Mirror themselves, and we'll all benefit. I'm really glad to hear "Curley - The Musical" will extend! You had a full house last Sunday even without our review, and a show that good shouldn't just evaporate until until that stops being true.

And by all means Email me your reviews! It was never my intention that I get to "say the sooth" all alone, but there haven't been any "Minority Reports" to put up, so far. Let us know how to credit "The Comment" if we're actually reprinting something you're using as well.

Break a leg...

Date: Fri, 5 Jan 96 13:08:06 EST
Subject: re: "We few, we happy few"

Hello. I'm a little slow in answering e-mails, but I do want to reply.

Yes, I made it to see 'Mouse Trap'. The tickets were appreciated, thank you. It was an enjoyable night. I liked Ye Wilbur Theater and the fact that even in the last row, you are not far away. (The seats in the back appeared more comfortable than some of the seats closer to the stage.) I find small theaters more enjoyable to be in than the big ones. I don't dislike a large theater if the play is good, but the small theaters can make even a mediocre show seem more appealing. The audience feels like part of the show. (If you're not really interested in a show playing in a large theater, you're more likely to doze off than you would be with the same show in a small theater.)

The play was fun; an interesting story. Not that I'm the expert, but the acting left something to be desired. It wasn't bad, more like students (beginners?). I think I would have been disappointed had I paid for the ticket. (Actually, if they were more than $15. Paying that or less probably wouldn't bother me for what I saw, but more than that, I would have expected a little more from the play.)

I enjoy going to the theater, unfortunately a busy work schedule makes it difficult (I almost didn't make it to this play) (Also, the cost of some shows doesn't help). I used to go to a show about once a month (usually got tickets through Arts/Boston) (shows in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville). Time permitting, it would be nice to get back into that. I would be interested in hearing about discounts, last minute tickets, new shows, etc. It would be interesting to hear your opinion of the shows as well (not just fluff, either - if you think a show sucks, say so).

As far as before and after the show, as I mentioned, I had no time before the show to go anywhere. After, I was too tired to really go out anywhere. If I had gone out after the show, however, I would have gone to someplace casual and somewhat quiet. Suggestions?

I didn't speak with anyone from The Mirror. Frankly, I didn't even realize you were there and didn't think to look for you (no offense). If you did want to make yourself known to us, you could have gone around to the tables (you knew where we were sitting). Maybe another time.

Again, I'll say thank you for the tickets! It was a fun show and I look forward to hearing about other shows, etc. from you.

(Carroll Associates, Counsel For The Arts (Dave Mitchell))
Subject: Pre-Broadway Runs

Dear Mr. Stark:

I love your theater mirror page and I am pleased to see that you are racking up an impressive number of hits. In your last update you mused that Grand Hotel was the last show to hit Boston prior to a Broadway run. I may be mistaken, but I think Moon Over Buffalo played Boston before going to Broadway.

By the way, I was one of the lucky winners of Mousetrap tix. Thanx a lot. I was pleased to learn that Frank Annese was directing and my fiancee and I had a wonderful time (as well as two friends who also won tix).

By the way number 2: I would very much like to meet you in person. I am an arts & entertainment attorney in Boston and I hope to expand my client base into theater. I am based in the theater disdtrict so perhaps we could have coffee some day?

Best regards,

Dave Mitchell


It's a deal, Dave! I'd love to find out what an "entertainment attorney" does in Boston! If you won't mind the risk of becoming a subject for The Cricket's Notebook, I'd really like to talk.

Maybe not this week, though. I'm going to do a little reviewing:

"for colored girls.." Saturday
"Curley - The Musical" Sunday
"Not About Heroes" Wednesday
"Spoon River Anthology" Friday
"Murder in The Cathedral" Saturday a week

But once that's over, I'm at your disposal!

Date: Thu, 4 Jan 96 12:14:15 EST


Thank you very much for the message and the free ticket to "Mousetrap". I went with a bunch of friends who also got free tickets and it was a lot of fun. I may not have gone if I hadn't won the ticket just because the theater is usually a bit too expensive for me, especially now that I'm no longer a student. On the other hand, I am trying to find ways to go to the theater more often so I'm really excited about The Theater Mirror, to hear what's good, etc. Thanks again.


Consider theater in smaller houses, where the admission will often be lower. Best buy I know of is the LOEB EXPERIMENTAL THEATRE, where admission is always free! The Triangle Theater Company and The Nora Company do excellent, thought-provoking work without charging Broadway prices. And in smaller houses, you're really closer to the action, where you can see more detail and feel more of the emotion.
But, if we get another windfall, you're on our list!

From: Marsha Gerstein/Corp/hmco
Date:  2 Jan 96  8:49:40 EST
Subject: Re: "We few, we happy few"

Yes, I liked the play quite a lot.  I probably would not have gone if
it weren't free.
Mostly I liked Ye Wilber, though it was very smoky which was a problem
for me. I think the smoke was seeping up from Joey's and Maria's
wedding downstairs.

Didn't get to talk with anyone from the Mirror.  It was a weeknight
and when the show was over I hustled out of there to get home.  I see
shows in the theatre district from time to time, a number of times a
year.  Trying now to arrange to see STOMP.  I also go to a lot of
local theatre in Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington, Charlestown, around

Because I was alone I just stopped for pizza before the show.  I got
word just a few days before, and with XMAS was not able to make plans
with friends.  If I had, I would have had a nicer dinner first.

I'd love to see more shows at discounts.   It would be great to get
twofers or free comps, or anything else you could provide.  Theatre
is sooo expensive without that.

Thanks- I enjoyed the play.


We're working on it, Marsha. And you're on our list...

Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996 09:41:22 -0500

In keeping with your goal of getting people out to see theatre, I offer the
Marblehead SummerStage London Theatre Tour which is running its 5th annual
tour this Feb 16 -24.

If anyone out there is interested in more details - about this or future
tours - please e-mail me.


John Fogle


Well, >IOne week in London? Not nearly enough! The first time I was in London was over Xmas-New Years 1970 for two weeks, and I saw fifteen plays and a movie. Over ten summer weeks in 1972 I saw sixty plays. One of my dreams was to go to London as a tour-guide, spending two weeks seeing and reviewing shows, then the next two advising the cautious and shepherding the adventurous to new plays. Maybe for your SIXTH Annual we can strike a deal, John!
Why don't you send The Theater Mirror more details...

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