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We at The Theater Mirror started a mailing-list for tips and inside information, starting with those "happy few" who got tickets for "The Mousetrap"; but all you need do is ask and we'll put your Email address on that list as well.
===larry stark
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 16:11:44 -0500

Dear Mirror,
I would love to be included in the "Happy Few".  I am the secretary for the
Cohasset Dramatic Club (celebrating our 75th season!), and would also like to
ask if you could post an audition notice for our up-coming production of Noel
Coward's "Blithe Spirit" (I didn't see any other audition notices, but it
doesn't hurt to ask.)

Auditions are Sunday, January 7 and Monday, January 8 at 7pm.  The show
requires 2 men and 5 women.  Additional information can be obtained by
calling Dawn Rota (club president) at 1-617-545-5737.  The show opens in late
March and runs 3 weekends.  Thanks!!!

Deborah Carleton

Yes, we should run audition notices or casting-calls.
We'll start a section for that purpose, though exactly how to be useful in this matter poses a real problem. Apparently the best way a local actor can keep in touch with casting and auditions is to join STAGE SOURCE, which charges an entrance fee, but then gives members a year's access to an "Auditions Hotline" phone number. They are indeed performing an important and useful service, but the only way they can do it is to maintain a virtual monopoly over their information. The Mirror has become painfully aware that doing a useful service can cost money, so we're ambivalent about these arrangements!
But this is something we ought to do, even though we admit the audition notices listed here on The Theater Mirror will never be as comprehensive as we'd like.
And, Ms. Carleton, be certain to get complete information for our COMING ATTRACTIONS listing of the Cohasset Dramatic Club's production of "Blithe Spirit"! We need the opening and closing dates, the address of the theatre, and your phone number including the area-code.
Seventy-five years! Congratulations! And break a leg all!
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 20:29:47 EST

I'd like to be on the "Happy few" mailing list...

All you needed to do was ask, Carol!
From: "Tom Fraser"
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 1995 22:53:21 +0000

>On 27 Dec 95 at 12:16, The Theater Mirror wrote:

> The Mirror realizes you couldn't attend "The Mousetrap".  However,
> we will include you nevertheless in our mailing from time to time.
> Happy Holidays!


Thanks for your message and thank you for keeping me on your mailing
list. Have a great New Year.

Tom Fraser


Here are some answers to a questionaire we sent to "The happy few" who got tickets to "The Mousetrap" on December 21st through The Theater Mirror:
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 95 13:03:07 EST

Yes, I braved the snow to see the play and enjoyed it very much.
I haven't been getting to the theater much lately,( new job, just
finished grad school at night in May and husband still going to grad school
at night.)  I plan to go more.  Mostly, I've seen ballets at the Wang
Center, Nutcracker, Giselle, Romeo & Juliet  etc.  This was my first play
in Boston.  With family in NYC, we usually go to Broadway for plays during
family visits.  I've been in Boston for 5 years, but haven't made use of
the theater district as much as I could have.
I have told my friends about the play and recommended it to them.
People seem to confuse the Mousetrap with Death trap.
I did not stop for dinner or drinks this time as I was coming from an
office Xmas party.  In the past I have gone to the Brew Moon and Roccos.
I've had drinks at the Tam as well, though I hate to admit it.
I'll look forward to hearing from you again and coming to more Boston


From: (Carroll Associates, Counsel For The Arts (Dave
Subject: Re: "We few, we happy few"

         Did you like the play?

                I attended with mi fiancee and two friends.  We enjoyed the
evening, despite the weather.  I felt the performances were respectable,
the set above average and the direction good.  Tony & Maria's Wedding,
blaring from the basement, however, was a distraction.

         Would you have gone to see it if it weren't free?

                Possibly.  I am an entertainment lawyer (albeit a young
one) so I tend to go hear my clients perform when I am paying.  Still, on
an open night, I would have considered it.

         Would you recommend that a friend who hasn't seen it go?


         Did you like Ye WIlbur Theatre? Would you go there again?

                I've loved the Wilbur for years.  I especially liked the
cabaret seating this time.

         Did you manage to get a word with any of us from The Mirror?

                Afraid not.

         Do you see shows in "The Theater District" often these days?

                As often as possible (Wasn't Moon Over Buffalo a

         What else have you seen there?    What else elsewhere?


         Did you have dinner near the theatre? Where?

                Not this time.

         Did you have snacks or drinks after the show? Where?

                We had drinks in the lobby.

         How often have you seen plays during the last month or two?


         Did The Mirror help you at all in deciding what to see?

                I just discovered the Mirror.

         Is there anything we're NOT doing that you want/need from us?

                Not that I've noticed but I'll keep you posted

        Dave Mitchell
To:     CRITICK                         Larry Stark
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 95 16:51:02 -0500


My husband and I braved the storm and made our way to Ye Wilbur.  The
theater is very inviting -- great seating, and you can have a drink while
you watch... can't get much better than that!

We thoroughly enjoyed "Mousetrap".  Thanks for the tickets and a
delightful evening!

Enjoy the holidays!

Jane Fama


You're welcome, Jane.

You're All welcome!

Sorry the night made getting to Ye Wilbur "an adventure";

Sorry too that our hopes of meeting you all after the show at REMINGTON'S never got communicated to anyone! We knew you were there --- a friend behind bars in the box-office assured us most of you made it --- but in future we've got to stop NOT-Meeting like this!

When all this started, we didn't exactly think of it as a Solstice Present to you all, but it's sort of turned out that way. And let me assure you, the "Mousetrap" I saw with you on the 21st was actually a much better performance that I reviewed when it opened! So if you tell any friends they ought to go, rest assured they will NOT be disappointed.

This is always a strange time of year for me. The days have drawn in, and the weather seems good for nothing but hibernating. These three nights, when the sun hesitates between eternal ice-age and a new start, are called The Dead of Winter. And so may I wish that, on all your hearths, your warmly blazing Yule Log will see you cozily through these dark days of doubt, leaving behind the ashes of the old year, and kindling the birth of hope in the white and blustery land. The sun, they tell us, Will come again. And so, if after three nights of uncertainty, the sun begins even by minutes a day to drag us back to spring, let's have a party!

===Larry Stark

>From: "Dean O'Donnell" 
>I just found you using Theatre Central.  Great to see online listings
>for theatre in Boston.
>I just set up a website for the Centastage Performance Group (we perform
>at the Boston Center for the Arts).  I'd really appreciate it if you'd
>list us.  The URL is:
>Our season starts in February.  I can send you the whole listing or you
>can just check it out on the site at:
>(You can get there from the main page too).
>I want to set up a page of links to other theatre related sites, and I'll
>definitely include your site when I do (I'm bookmarking it now).
>Dean O'Donnell


Glad to see you've finally scheduled a season! I saw the web-site, but we didn't list it simply Because there was no performance data.

I should explain that we're eager to exchange links with any web-pages that offer to do the same in response; however, The Theater Mirror is intended to be a Useful service for people who really want to get out of the office or the house and See Some Theater! Whenever we can, the URL we display will take you past any introductory pages right to the names and dates and addresses of performance, or the listings of playspaces or companies active in the area. The Centastage site, last we looked, was merely a moby maybe; now, the company is in gear, and not only is the URL on our list, but the schedule will be part of our regular coming attractions listings, until you open, and are UP & RUNNING!

And, Dean, if you'd like a review, just let us know!

===Larry Stark


Please note that the Shubert Theater of New Haven has a website.
the address is



The URL will be added to our list, and we thank you for the information..

===Larry Stark

>Date: Fri, 8 Dec 1995 16:59:40 -0500
>This is a great site.  Kudos to you!
>JulieAnn Charest
>New England Entertainment Digest
>P.S. Offering free tickets to Mousetrap!  Now THAT's entertainment.  Do you
>have any left?  Please E-Mail me at


You bet there are tickets left, JulieAnn! And one of 'em is YOURS right now!

I think we'll put a list of the lucky names up in the "Offer" segment, so people can see their chances at a free ticket slowly tick away one by one...

And while we've gotten your attention, would you tell everyone here in The Greenroom more about your New England Entertainment Digest?

Sounds like something everyone on The Mirror should know more about!>

>Subject: List of plays
>  I would like to know how to have plays added to the list of current
>and future productions (no additional ad info in '$' boxes).
>- Chris Barratt


No "$" boxes are required, Chris!

If you, or anyone else reading The Mirror, has news of a show we have not listed, just Send It To The Mirror! We'll get it on as soon as we can.

What we'd like is the dates of performance, the title of the play;, the name of the theatre, or of the production company, or both; the street address of the theatre, and the phone number (including the area code) for information or tickets (or both).

We'd like dates to know whether it goes in Openings, Previews, or Up & Running --- and, since it'll be a show we know nothing about, the dates will tell us when to pull the listing.

We check as many sources as we can, but YOU can add anything at any time. What'cha got, Chris?

===Larry Stark

>Date: Sun, 3 Dec 1995 13:31:01 -0500
>Subject: looking for a review
>Could you please send me any information on, or direct me to a site where I
>can get information on a musical called "Jack" (about J.F. Kennedy) that
>played at the Goodspeed in 1994, played in Oklahoma last spring (95)?
>I will appreciate anything you can help me with.
>I look forward to hearing from you.


That's a question more for The Mirror as a whole than for me. I'll ask someone who used to work at Goodspeed, but can't guarantee he knows of the show.

Anyone out there remember this show?

Anyone know a good Internet source for archived reviews?

My first guess would be --- if you know the performance dates --- to check the Hartford and New Haven papers for that week, and both the daily and Sunday New York TIMES. In fact, someone who knows more about surfing might be able to tell you how to search the New York TIMES archives by Internet, looking for references to Goodspeed around the date of opening.

Hell, I'll learn a lot from the answers you get, Nolan.

((Bhob? Have you any advice for us here?))

===Larry Stark

>Subject: Internships
>To Whom it may concern,
>   I am a college student with a major in the area of technical design.  I was
>wondering if The Theatre Mirror had any job openings or internships.  I am
>graduating this spring and I live in the Boston area.  I would appreciate a
>                            Thank You
>                                Leslie Mackall


Thank you so much for the interest, but at least at the moment we haven't any extra money.

That said, I'm flattered that you'd want to connect yourself with our new enterprise, and curious what duties you thought would be yours. I mean, has your training been in "technical design" of computer programs? or stage-sets?

If it's the latter, would you be interested in doing a column for The Mirror concerning the technical aspects of theater in this area? A long time ago, I talked with a lighting-designer about doing a periodical that would review plays from the Technical point of view. I thought people might like to know the HOW of those theatrical miracles they thrill to as much as the What.

The Theater Mirror is open to suggestions and ideas, and there's room in the review columns and the GREENROOM for comments of any kind. Let us know, Leslie, if you'd want to try a "regular freelancer" position!

===Larry Stark

>From: Dan Mackenzie 
>Organization: the spa
>Subject: South Shore Music Circus
>I was just browsing your theater page and wanted to know if you had any
>information on the South Shore Music Circus in Cohasset.
>If I can be of any help help about going on's in the Pioneer Valley
>please, let me know as we are close to all the colleges in the Amerst
>Thanks For any help ypou can give me.

Larry Stark responds:

Thank you, Dan, for your offer, and your interest!

I'll ask around and see if I can turn up anything more about the South Shore Music Circus; what I know is that they were dark all last summer. I didn't even collect an address for them in our data-base. I think they were involved with the old "straw-hat circuit" of summer-stock productions --- rehearsing chorus and minor roles for half a dozen shows, with famous stars doing the major roles in a different theatre with a different cast every two weeks. That kind of summer theater has been shrinking lately --- maybe because maintaining several big casts costs more than audiences bring in. But as I said, I'll check.

And, of COURSE The Mirror is interested in any news of theater anywhere! Most coverage of this area is "Boston-ocentric" to a fault, and that's not our intention. By all means, pass on any information you can find! Small theatres starting up? Young companies or community theaters that only advertise locally? Anything that adds to awareness of the excitement of LIVE theater is of interest to The Theater Mirror, no matter where it happens.

Would you like to review plays for The Mirror, Dan? It's unlikely that the Mirror staff (three people!) will get to many productions in the Pioneer Valley, so reviews by people who live out there would be wonderful! If you, or anyone you know, would like to send us reviews, interviews, articles, or surveys, we're open to input. We can't pay people for help --- we're not even paying our own expenses from anything but our own pockets these days --- but whatever you give us WILL be read by at least a hundred people a day, at last count! And fame is infinitely preferrable over fortune isn't it?

Thanks for joining us at The Theater Mirror!

===Larry Stark

Subject: two updates to the theater Web page
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 1995 13:31:35 -0500
From: Harlan Feinstein 

Your listing of theater stuff is TERRIFIC.  Thank you so much for making it 
publicly available.  I'm a musician, and love to play in pit orchestras, and 
this is PERFECT for me to peruse and see what's coming up.

>1 December 
>    "South Pacific" 
>    SALA PUERTO RICO, Stratton Student Center 
>    opposite 77 Mass. Ave., CAMBRIDGE 
>    253-6294 

This doesn't say anything about it being on the MIT campus or a production of 
the MIT Musical Theater Guild.

>    "A Little Night Music" 
>    84 Mass. Ave., CAMBRIDGE 
>    253-2908 

The dates have been picked for this and they're Feb 2-10.

From: Harlan Feinstein 

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