Cricket's Notebook by Larry Stark - "Food! Glorious Food!!!!!"

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Wednesday, 4 April, 2001: "Food! Glorious Food!!!!!"

Where do you dine before the show?
Where do you snack/drink/coffee after?
Where do actors eat before the show, or drink after?
What eateries or drinkeries are within quick-dashing distance of your favorite theatres?

These are Not rhetorical questions!
Good food and good plays go together, and The Mirror should recognize an obligation to satisfy your hunger for both. So I'm thinking of starting a whole new section of The Theater Mirror that will group restaurant tips By Theater, so you can look up a place to eat and perhaps even make a reservation without worrying about missing the curtain.
Here, I'll go first:

The Boston Center for The Arts:
Before the show: EMILIO'S
After: RAVE
If you stand in any of the doorways of the BCA and look across Tremont Street, EMILIO'S will be to your left, RAVE to your right.

EMILIO'S has pizza, calzones, subs, and sodas --- no coffee. If you're rushed and under-moneyed (as I always am) a slice and a Dr Pepper will do you fine, and they will add toppings to the slice. There are a few tables lined along the long window, so you or a date can rendezvous. Check it out and give us a report. Next time, we'll try to get a take-out menu to reproduce so you can see selections and prices.

RAVE is affordably upscale in comparison. Instead of long and wide it's long and narrow, with a corner door on Tremont Street and a series of tiny two- and four-person tables along the left hand window, and a pair of comfortably-cushioned sofa-tables on the right, and a display-counter filled with luscious deserts and cooling wines in the back at the right as well.

I've only been there after hours, sharing hearty soups, delicately tinted teas, a warm spinach salad with roquefort and bacon sprinkles, and a pizza for two so big it left a slice or two taken home for breakfast each time.

The decor may change as radically as the hair-color of our favorite waiter, but it's elegantly and tastefully modern, and no matter what kind of music has been playing I've been impressed by its comfortable feel. They recently acquired a wine-license and do lunches. Probably the nicest thing about RAVE though is that the staff are friendly people. We stumbled in out of the cold one night close to their 11:00 pm closing and bonded with a gracious waiter named Monie, who knew us when we returned --- but when the place was crowded (and it's easy for that to happen) I noticed that every other table featured a pleasant conversation between patrons and staff, same as ours. And people were complimenting them on the food...

Again, we'll try to steal a menu next time we're there.

Okay, I showed you mine, now you show me yours:
What's your favorite before/after theater restaurant?

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