Boston Repertory Theatre: Part Four

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1971 - 1978

by David Zucker

Part Four

Feb 13, 1974 (late at night)- 11:50pm
Did LP (Little Prince) tonight for $1.00 a ticket, supposedly a once-only deal. "LP on Dollar night!" (Wednesdays) Filled our 235 seat theatre with 261 people and managed to pay our $250 weeks rent on what is basically an "off" night. Second act of Luv still coming hard.
Had a company meeting today. We now have so much to keep track of that we need two meetings a week. All sorts of trivial stuff that we took ages to discuss. We are so thorough that it takes a half-hour discussion as to whether an apprentice should work from 10:00am to 5:pm or from 1:00pm until after the evening show; AND all that discussion before we had even voted to accept the girl in the first place. If we did accept her, she doesn't even start until APRIL. SHEEESH!
Tired and have a very rare thing for me - a splitting head-ache.
Still no word on Mom - am beginning to suspect something's wrong.

Feb. 14, 1974- 11:59pm
Did my first performance (Old Major & other roles) in A. Farm today. A matinee for a high school audience at our theatre on Marlborough st. No rehearsal, no direction, just on stage and wing it. My God, it's like the Actor's Nightmare come true! What a bedlam that show seems to be when one is in the midst of the action. Now I understand it a little better. Show seems to be winding down; not many people; could it be because we have cut down on the size of our ads?

Feb 16, 1974 - 12:06am
How often do I write at any time before 11:30pm? HArdly ever. Always at night; the only time I have. Today was the worst day in a long line of bad days; really rough diffusion of energy - too much to do and no time - bills to pay for theatre, bills to pay at home, Luv rehearsals, AF rehearsals, Mother in Hospital, no time off, no gas available unless you can afford to wait an hour in line, soaring prices, lying politicians (oxymoron), smaller audiences... At least I'm healthy (I hope). No Flu anyhow. I HATE being business manager and I want a change of pace. Let me out!
Everyone in the company is depressed, feels the pressure, needs a vacation to regroup energy. We are knee deep in plans for our theatre-to-be and are sinking rapidly to the groin. I want to do something creative, artistic. Wouldn't it be nice if I could find some time to work on Luv other than in rehearsal? Only two more classes to go (my intermediate acting class in "Mimetics" - that's my own term.... doesn't every acting teacher need to reinvent the wheel so they can have their own system with its own name?) Tonight was Gerry's last performance in AF. Good show. We taped it (Audiotape). Only wish we had taped earlier when its energy was stronger, audiences bigger and more vocal in their responses.
Virginia (Feingold) and David (Morse) to open in "Home Free" Wednesday (Theatre for a Dollar) with very little rehearsal.
Why do I still have such zit problems at 25 years of age?
I need to shower more - daily - Sheeesh, don't even have time for that. I'm a dirty, slovenly, unkempt bastard who should have lived in the time of Richard III or Shakespeare, or some period when people approached the prospect of baths the way dogs and cats do nowadays (and then also, I imagine).

Monday morning, Feb. 18 - 1:20am
Record night Saturday for LP. 303 people saw the show, $883.00 taken in at box office.

Monday night, Feb 18 - 11:00pm Early to bed? Work day tomorrow (Tuesdays at Ace) - clean out Ace - hope we get a dumpster - sure is a helluva lot of shit in that building. Luv rehearsal went OK today - nothing great - pretty mediocre but at least it wasn't a backslide. Virginia and I celebrated tonight; celebrated because of having to work so hard. Decided to splurge, went to the movies to see Serpico. It just came out. $3.50 a seat!!!! Shit! Now, I imagine, all new movies are gonna go up to $3.50 (from $3.00). The hits are $4.00, which I refuse to pay; not because money means much to me, but because of the incredible high profit margin Ben Sack must make. Why do people have to make so F@%&ing much money. Isn't it possible to be content with just being rich instead of having to be filthy rich?

Feb. 21 - 12:30am
Wasted the entire day yesterday because the dumpster never came - we get shafted all around.
What will I think of AF in a few years? Is it really a good show? Will it be used in the documentary of Orwell's life?
Will Ace ever get finished and become our theatre?
W....... (Had to stop there because my Mother just called and I'm too tired now to continue. She is leaving Saturday. Going back to Chester again. The hospital stay was short and she's feeling much better. Something to do with her intestines, something called diverticulitis I think. Gotta eat mushy food for a while. Oh God, I'm tired. To bed... Goodnight Mom, and have a good night's rest. See you soon. G'night)

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