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Thursday, 8 November, 2001:
"About your show..."

Dear [-----]:
You're lucky that the show I saw last night was Unreviewable. I decided on the way home that I would thus have the time to say something to you and the cast about "[------]"; then I found four reviews from other people I had to cut-n-paste into The Mirror before falling asleep! (Even so, if I hadn't managed to write two or three reviews Tuesday and Wednesday, neither you nor I would have been this lucky!)

No, let's set this letter in context for a moment.

As October ended I saw five shows, four needing reviews, and got a LITtle behind. When I saw "[------[" I'd just seen yet Another reviewable show, and the day after I decided to take in the Critics' Panel at the NEW ENGLAND THEATRE CONFERENCE (noon-Thirty!!!) and was then driven to dinner and a play And The Cast Party Saturday; Sunday was my "relaxation" day --- a Sunday a month an old friend cooks dinner, we each choose a movie for her vcr, and we drink, and just last Monday Joe Coyne drove me down to Providence for yet another show-and-cast-party.
So when I say I managed to make time to finish all the reviews by yesterday evening, I think I was doing the job.
Between Thursday and Tuesday, I got letters from both the star and the director of one of those shows asking "when can we expect a review?" and in the midst of all of it came this:

"We were wondering what happened with the review for the above show? Keith seemed to think you enjoyed it, and even if you didn't, we presumed it still warranted some kind of mention on your site. Should we be taking this personally? Is there some kind of conspiracy going on? Would be interested to hear from you. Thanks."

That from a community theatre I visited on The Last Performance because a friend's nine-year-old daughter wanted to see the show; I thought SHE would do the review, but haven't had anything from them at all. (They charged us for the third ticket!!!)

Beginning tonight I've got three more shows this week......

Can you understand why I am Relieved that the show last night won't benefit from my review, so I won't have to write it?

Okay, now about your show........

[ ... ... ... ]

Break a leg all!
( a k a larry stark )

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