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Thursday, 4 May, 2006 11:53 a m:

"For Only
A WEEK ... !!!"

What I want to do is put a "Theater Mirror Ad" into the week-end edition of the Boston METRO, in which I will list the shows at the Boston Fringe Theatres.
For me, those include:

The Actors' Workshop
The Boston Center for The Arts
The Boston Playwrights' Theatre
The Cambridge YMCA Family Theatre
The Charlestown Working Theatre
TheCommunity Church of Boston
The Devanaughn Theatre
Roxbury Center for The Arts

For every show performing in each of these spaces during the week, I will list in my ad the Company's name, the play's name, the opening and closing dates, and a phone number for tickets/information.
That's all.
For that publicity, I will expect each included company to pay $11.00 each week that they appear in the ad.
I'll put the ad into The METRO every week-end, and each week-end it will list every company that pays the eleven bucks.
And ... that's all.

Okay, why:

First of all, a "Boston Fringe" is a reality --- and some of the very best theater work gets done by these companies in these "hole-in-the-wall" theater-spaces. But not a lot of people who think themselves "theater-lovers" know about them. I'd like to try to change that.

Second, these companies exist on the skins of their teeth, on many-knotted shoestrings, and on the devotion, dedication, and commitment of enthusiastic young performers, designers and directors who willingly work for love rather than for money. And, when there really is no money, there is no money for advertising.
I am trying to make a minimum of attention AFFORDABLE for these companies.

Third, these "Fringes of Boston" are a sort of theatrical compost-heap out of which acting, designing, directing talent bursts forth continually, feeding new people into the local scene --- if they don't instead take their wares down to New York or out to California.
This "training-ground" deserves the continued attention of those who think they love theater.

Fourth, I have very little faith in the power of advertising, but in many minds the existence of ads is a confirmation of the Existence of The Thing Advertised. If I can get this ad into every week-end issue of The METRO for an entire year, then the companies, the theater-spaces, and the "Boston Fringe" itself will become a coherent reality they have never enjoyed before.

Fifth --- well, there isn't any fifth, but there is a caveat:
I can't afford to buy this ad with my own money every week.
If the companies can't (or won't) afford to pay --- IN ADVANCE --- eleven bucks each week they perform, this won't happen.
But I really think it should.

( a k a larry stark )

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