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Wednesday, 21 November, 2012 - 10:30 a m:

Well, yes, I VOTED..........

Dear larry stark,
You are receiving this message as a confirmation of your vote which you cast under this e-mail address.
This message confirms your VOTE in the 2012 BroadwayWorld Boston Awards.
Best wishes,

Had YOU heard of these awards? Last Saturday someone asked what I knew about them and I had to say "Nothing." Then this morning a note from Zeitgeist Stage asked me to vote for several actors who had been nominated, so I decided to look into the matter ... for the first time.

Turns out nominations are Already Closed.
And apparently the only way to look over the nominees is to Vote.

That brings several caveates to my mind --- but in general I do think awards voted by People Who GO to See Theatre are (or could be) a very good thing.
SO: if you click on this, you can vote:


I think anyone who sees much theatre around here will be surprised --- as I was --- at who got nominated --- and even more surprised at who did NOT get nominated.
But that's almost inevitable. Even with Norton or IRNE awards, people nominate and vote only on What They Have Seen --- and that usually means skewing nominations and votes toward the most-popular or most-advertised shows,.
In this case though, I suspect some people merely nominated friends or, worse, people they knew as company-members in shows.
I'd also bet that most of the people voting Work in theater; who else would be interested; who else would have heard about the Broadway World Boston Awards in the first place?

I must admit that, given the slate of nominations, my own votes here were a little capricious. Sometimes my own obvious hands-down Best candidate never made the nominations list. In other cases, several possibilities as "best" sprang out of the list, and either I had to vote on other grounds --- or just flipped a coin.

Again, that happens in every horserace-vote such as this.

On the one hand, I'm glad something like "BROADWAY World" --- Note my emphasis here --- takes note of theatre Here IN Boston, not just the "BROADWAY in Boston" aspect of it; and I'm glad that their categories include medium and fringe shows that can compete with one another on a relatively flat playing-field. The very fact that so few Big or Touring companies had many nominations may mean that Local Guys Are Makin' It --- though it may also mean that a lot of Boston's theater-Makers did the nominating.

I wonder when the vote will be final?
I wonder when awards wll be announced, or conferred? I wonder if, next year, these awards will become more meaningful? I wonder........have YOU voted yet?

===Anon. (aka Larry Stark )

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