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Thursday, 30 August, 2007 2:50 a m
"New Season's Resolutions"

Thursday, 30 August, '07

Monday is Labor Day, the whole world is on holiday or still on vacation, and on Tuesday the next theatrical season will start with a vengeance. And I'll be back at work doing what I love to try to help the people I love.

I want to try three things --- and the first is the Fringe Theatres Ad that I expect to find in The METRO tomorrow. There's a lot more entering of productions I will have to do, but once that's done I think I will be able to handle it fairly easily.

The Second Thing may take a little more of my time.
I asked the subscription people at The Boston GLOBE to start delivering the paper here every day beginning the First of September (which is Saturday, I think?). I'm going to get The GLOBE every day until the end of September, and I'll try to keep a daily "blog" that I will call:


If I can, I want to check on the Theater Coverage in the paper --- how much it reflects what is Really going on around here; what gets noticed, what ignored, and how well or badly the Reviews reflect what I have seen as a very healthy and bubbling theater scene. I will "critique the critics" --- in a sense pretending I were the Arts Editor for the paper.
The GLOBE is, of course, the loudest voice in Boston, and I have so often been so turned Off by what I've seen there that I haven't read it in years. But The GLOBE won't just Go Away, so maybe I should take a good, long look at what it's saying, not only about theater, but about The Arts in general.

Trying to do those two things may make it harder to get reviews written --- though I have to admit I have been "seeing more now but reviewing it less" recently.

The Third thing I want to do may help with that, though:
I want to Talk To People.
Since Mondays are normally "dark nights" in theater, I'm going to try to find some quiet restaurant (or bar), and show up there about seven o'clock on Mondays. I'll tell people where and when it is, and if they'd like to talk with me about theater --- about Anything, really --- they can drop by and: TALK.
That may turn out to be the most fun of all!

Okay, those are my three New Year's ---New SEASON'S Resolutions. Let's see how well I do at keeping them.....

Break a leg all!
( a k a larry stark )

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